Meideme Goldhibiscus Grind Cream 45g

# Proprietary Ingredients and Technologies of Gold Hibiscus Grind Cream

-  41.3% of high-nutritive Abelmoschus Manihot L.

-  5 types of active ingredients

-  Nanosystem technology for skin absorption

# Immediate Improvement After First Use

   Verified in 5 Clinical Trials

-  Improvement of skin moisturizing and elasticity,
    radiance in the star zone, improvement of wrinkles

# Freshly Grinded for Use

  Newly grind it every day for pollution-free, hygienic,
  and fresh skincare!

# Hypoallergenic Vegan Component

  Hypoallergenic vegan component allows healthy and 

  safe skin care for people of all ages!


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